The Aandhimul School

On our route back to the highway we stopped off at the school for an inspection of the grounds and buildings as it is one of our priorities to renovate the school, and a topic to be discussed in the upcoming meeting.



If you don’t already know, the school is comprimised of 2 buildings facing inwards onto a small playground/open area.

The first building is the larger of the 2 (above), and is formed of 2 large rooms, the room to the left has a dividing wall inside, one third is where Class 3 is taught and the other two thirds is the staff room. The room on the right has no division and is where the pre-school children are taught.

Class 3
Staff room

The Second building is also made up of two rooms, Class 1 being taught in the room on the right, with Class 2 in the left.

However, you can see from all images that the school is in need of renovation. And after inspections and through discussions with Mon, we feel it only best to renovate the main building and destroy the other smaller one, and build a larger newer building. First, if you look at images 6-10, you will notice how bad the conditon of the building is. In 9 & 10 you can see the sunlight shining through all the holes in the roof onto the walls, and the state of the walls both in and out are not good.

blogImg_6 blogImg_7 blogImg_8 blogImg_9 blogImg_10

Mon and I decided we should speak to some people with knowledge about buildings in Bandipur, create a plan and then put it forward to the community at the meeting on the 15th, and get their feedback.

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