Trip to Pokhara

Mon and I took a trip to Pokhara for a few days, to use the internet, have a change of scenery and discuss the Project. Whilst their we visited Mon’s father’s place. He is one of the major sellers (to retailers) of the Aandhimul villagers main source of income, the Nanglo (a bamboo rice shaker, made by the people in the village). When leaving his room, we stopped at shop nearby that sells these Nanglos (Image 1). You can see Mon outside the shop, trying to help the shopkeeper sell a Nanglo to a customer (Image 2), though this time it was a no sale, but he looked pretty convincing to me.

We stayed at a hotel run by Bishwo Adhikari and his family. I originally met Bishwo in Bandipur this January during my last visit. He was with an Australian man, Barry Broomfield. The 2 of them have been working together on a Project helping and giving life to a school, in a village near Pokhara for the last 6 years. Taking it from a underdeveloped, small primary school, to a newly renovated and larger primary-secondary school. They gave great advice and to see where they had started from and how things are now, it’s truly inspiring.

So whilst here in Pokhara we spent a morning with Bishwo talking about our project and what we’ve been up to, and again he also gave us some good advice, and a very tasty Dhal Bhatt he served us too!

What both Mon and I have noticed is there are many Nepali people, that when we speak with them about the project they are so willing to help, with their time, advice and even money. And as I have said in a previous blog entry, the more Nepali people we inspire the better, and we hope this project and many others will continue to do that until almost all NGO’s in Nepal are self sufficient, and have to rely very little from outside help.

It was also a time for Mon and I to relax and talk about other things than the Project, also a time for me to take some photos of the lake and people, as you can see in the Images right. Also I have a video of me riding on top of the bus, the best way to travel. Fresh air and amazing views, but if you don’t have anything soft to act as a cushion, your bottom becomes a very unhappy bunny.

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