A Child Who Needs Help

Another child needs our help. This young girl was born with a deformed foot, very similar to club foot. Whilst I was in the village we decided to take her to a hospital in the district’s capital Damauli, and see if they could help us. It was a good experience for me to again see what state Nepal’s hospitals are in, and I don’t have much positive feedback. Again, underfunding means lack of supplies and facilities are very poor. However, the doctor we saw was very helpful, he spoke English and advised us to go to Pokhara or Kathmandu to see a specialist, an orthopedic surgeon who could help us more and if neccessary do a scan or x-ray as they don’t have the facilities.

So we plan to go to Kathmandu with her, if time, at the end of the month just before I leave the country. I will update you again soon and if we need funding or help for her and her family, I will let you know.

To lighten up this blog entry, I have put a very cute video of her 2 sisters dancing and singing outside their home, and you can see in image 4 the father of the family, Kumar, with his 3 daughters. And I have to say, the little girl with her deformed foot is one of the happiest, and calm babies I’ve met for a long time. She also had no problem being placed in my arms, and nor did I. Except for the moment she started weeing on my leg, and because this family in particular are very poor, they can’t afford anything like a nappy. Actually, most children under the age of 5 don’t wear underwear and many just walk around without anything on their bottoms. I guess this is because the parents don’t want them to dirty them, as they have hardly any clothes.


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