A Visit from Bandipur

Today Mon, Rupa and their son came to the village with Lou, Binod (orange top in image 2) a friend and project manager, and Suraj one of the skilled labourers to work on the school.

They came for 2 reasons, first Binod came with the skilled labourer to look at the school building and give his advice on the best way of renovating the building and also ideas for building a new school building, something we’re hoping to put into action in Autumn 2009. Then Lou came with Rupa to discuss with some of the villagers about the new school lunch.

It is Lou who so kindly donated the money to buy cooking pots and utensils, and bowls and spoons for the children. She is also willing to sponsor the children’s food in the New Year. More details about this and the children’s food programmes will be coming soon!

On our route through I caputered these cute images of a girl carrying a basket with water bottle inside and her brother with the water bottle’s cap in mouth (see images 5 & 6).


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