Buying for the Village

It was one day before I was going to spend 2 weeks in the village, something I was looking forward to since I arrived. I was hoping to have been living in the village sooner, but due to the recent holidays in Nepal it had to be delayed.

We had spent the past few weeks organising the school renovation, which proved to be a lot trickier than I first thought it would be. The biggest issue was finding local skilled workers, the first we found said it was to difficult to get to the village because there was no direct road route and travel to and from the vilage every day would be troublesome. But thankfully Ramsaran from the Bandipur’s Old Inn Hotel came to our rescue. He found some skilled labour for us, and very quickly. Though in the end it was decided that they would sleep in the school building and we would pay a local family to cook and feed them for the duration of the renovation.

So to prepare for their starting we had to buy some materials and tools (see image 4). Also, Mon and I decided to buy de-worming pills, 250 of them to be given to the whole Aandhimul communtiy. Worms being a major cause of intestinal problems in both children and adults. You can see in image 2, a very nice gentleman who gave us the pills at trade cost.

Actually, the night previous both Cherry & Jill so kindly donated £20 each (Thank You!) to the project and it was this money we used to buy the pills and also toothbrushes for all the children. Which I will give out individually to each family.

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