Lou Painting Bandipur Hospital

In Bandipur Lou has been doing a great job with GVI, keeping herself very busy. One of the things she has been involved in is the painting of the Bandipur hospital, as you can see in the pictures above, and Lou doing a great job in Image 2.

I actually don’t have a picture of what it looked like before, but it wasn’t very pleasant. Though as you can see from Image 3 the state of the inside isn’t much better neither. Though painting on the insides is happening too. Also, Lou’s has raised enough money to buy new mattresses and beds where neccessary. She has also got together the hospital committee and Bandipur committee and discussed with them about keeping up the maintainance of the building and keeping it clean.

Their budget isn’t great, but is enough to cover basics. Though they are underfunded with medicine and equipment and need help to cover this. Lou is trying her best to help where she can, and if you would like to ask her more about what’s been done or if you would like to help. Just email me and I’ll pass your details across to her.

Bandipur hospital is a classic example of how underfunded the Health system is here in Nepal. You don’t realise until something goes wrong how bad things are. Nepal sometimes looks wealthier than it really is, which is credit to the people of Nepal, I hope the future will be brighter with the new government.

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