Setograss in Bandipur

Setograss is a pre-school run by Bandipur’s private school Notre Dame. Angela spent time here helping teaching English nursery songs to the teachers and children in January 2008, and dancing too! She had great fun and the teachers and children loved her.

I had also visited at the beginning of 2008, before returning now. Two reasons for my return, first to say hello to everyone and join in with the fun. But more importantly to see the warm, nutritious lunch they cook for the 100 odd children. Actually, if I haven’t mentioned in a previous blog entry, Mon’s wife Rupa is a teacher here and also their son Arpan is here too. It’s because we want to provide such a hot lunch to the children at Aandhimul school, and Rupa is willing to help, but she wanted to show me how they do it at Setograss.

The kids seemed to love it, although when you look at it, it’s not the most inviting (see images 2-6). But it tastes far better than it looks, and what’s most important is that it’s nutritious and the Aandhimul children do lack nutrition. Which does not just effect their growing bodies, but their minds too, and ability to concentrate in class.

The brown porridge like mix, consists of many different cereals and pulses including maize and lentils with salt and sugar added for taste. We plan to try it out in the village in the coming weeks and teach some of the parents how to make and cook it and a few of the teachers too!

More details about the progress of the food will come in future blog entries.
Also, before I finish. Below you will see all the wonderful educational toys and learning games the teachers have made, in the video showing a room packed full of things. I hope we can also use their knowledge and help to train or give advice to some of the teachers in the Aandhimul school.


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