School Renovation UPDATE I

Just before leaving Bandipur and returning to Kathmandu, I decided with Mon to return to village to do one final check and take photos, just days before, sadly leaving the country.

As you can see in the photographs things are coming on nicely, though we have encountered a few issues in the process of renovation. It was under-estimated the amount of cement and sand needed, which meant things have been delayed, as stated before, the process in getting raw materials to the schools site is not the easiest and takes time. But there’s not much else we can do, the most important thing is that it is done properly. We all agreed, so that the building will last for many years into the future.

The one bonus we have at this time of the year is the weather, well at least after the morning mists disappear. There is rarely ever a drop of rain, just sun. Better than the average UK winter, though in the mornings it can be quite cold in the mists.

With me leaving the country, the next updates will be provided to us through Mon, and hopefully some photographs too! But, with limited electricity everyday, which is looking to be worse in the New Year, we may not have many. Though Mon will do his best to get photos, but definitely text which we will blogged.


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