Hi Ho, off to Aandhimul we go…

…with a rucksack here, and a rucksack there. Hi Ho..

Thursday was the day we left for Aandhimul, and this would be the first time Angela and Jolana would have stayed in the village and the first ever visit for Yoshie.

Our first destination was the school, where Angela and the gang would begin their workshops with the teachers, as you can see in pic 2 and the video below right.

The plan was to teach the teachers for 2 days, spend a day with the villagers on the Saturday, which is the only regular holiday day in the Nepali week. However, they have a crazy amount of national holidays, far higher than any developed country. It’s a compensation for not having a day off on Sunday 🙂 Then do workshops for another 2 days, before the Nepali New Year arrives.

We had also not arranged accommodation, so our first night in Aandhimul was spent inside one of the renovated school classrooms. Lucky we had our inflatable mattresses and mosquito nets!

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