Lets Climb a Mountain… a Big Rock!

After school had finished, both Angela, Jolana and Yoshie went to wash themselves and some clothes in one of the popular village washing areas near one of the water sources. I met them on their way out and because we were near part the village where this amazing tall rock sticks out of the landscape, I said to go and take a look. So we did guided, by many children who very quickly became very excited. Especially the boys who ran on infront to show us how easy it was to climb it (pic 1).

You can see we had much fun with the children, (see videos and pics). This is also what it is about being here in the village to enjoy our time here, join in the fun with the children and most importantly relationship build, not just with the children but with the adults too. That is actually one of the most important roles of the project is to community build, it’s the only way we can get them to work with us sincerely. Though experience has already shown that is not always easy, and I’m sure we will continue to face many hurdles in the future. But without a doubt, if there isn’t any fun during our time here, why bother 🙂

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