Making Flags & ‘Mitinee’ Night

Angela and Jolana started the second week of training focusing on using children and doing mock lessons with the teachers. You can see below in the videos on the top the teachers putting their practice into use, and as I stated in a previous blog, Angela will be writing a blog in the future focused all on the training, as I myself had no involvement apart from photographer, and occassional assistant, it was all down to the great work of Angela, Jolana and Yoshie. They have all been amazing during this time, especially under the difficult living standards. I’ll apologise in advance for what I’m going to say now, can you believe 3 women don’t have a bathroom and there are little complaints, that’s impressive!

Before I get hit many times, I’ll move onto more creative things. To brighten up the rooms Yoshie bought some cheap, brightly coloured cotton and string, and had the idea to decorate the rooms with flags. Instead of just us making it, she involved both teachers and children too, as you can see in the pictures above and videos below.

Then in the evening between the teacher Pampha Gurung and Mon they had arranged this special evening where would be paired with a special friend called ‘Mitinee’ or for men ‘Mitju’, and for the rest of your life you have to call them by this name.

We started the evening drinking some local alcohol and eating some specially prepared snacks, then our mitinees came, who had already been chosen for us. Then follows a process where first you exchanged at the same time a tikka to the forehead, see Angela and her Mitinee doing it in pic 6. Then for women a necklace is exchanged and for men a traditional Nepali hat, following that flowers are put behind the ears of the Mitinee and finally both heads are bashed together by a third person, securing the ritual for life! You can see Jolana’s, Yoshie’s and my mitinees/mitju in pics 7-9.

A night I think none of us will forget!

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