The Beauty Around Aandhimul

This Saturday Yoshie and I decided to head back to Bandipur for 2 nights, first because my old school friend Kirk Wilson, from my birth town Luton had decided to come and visit and spend a week in the village. But we were meeting in Bandipur on the Saturday and also on the Sunday Yoshie is going to visit Setograss the Montesori Pre-school run by the Notre Dame School in Bandipur. Mainly to get ideas, and if you didn’t know from previous blogs, Mon’s wife works their as a teacher. You will see pics in the next blog.

Jolana decided to walk down with us from the family home in Aandhimul, and take some beautiful pictures of the wonderful nature all around us, which has acted as an amazing destresser at times. I hope you agree with the pictures you see.

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