Yoshie Makes Cards in Bandipur

In Bandipur, whilst Angela and Jolana were in the bazaar. Yoshie was up on the hill in the family house in Bandipur doing what she does best, being creative with the kids!

Yoshie’s mind never stops being creative, she constantly creates in her mind and when she has a good idea she gets it straight out onto paper, and this time she was thinking about what to do back in Japan top raise money and awareness for the project in Nepal. So the idea! To make cards using Nepali material usually used for clothes and other materials collected, and together with children, be creative.

So she had gathered some scrap material for free, from one clothes making shop in Bandipur, paper from the stationary shop and anything else she could find in the family home. She then rounded up the 2 children of the house and a friend too, and began to create. You can see the results in the pictures above.

Yoshie is intending to buy lots of different Nepali material and take back to Japan to do workshops with children their! I’ll keep you updated when they happen.

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