Aandhimul Will Create Their Own NGO

A few weeks have past since the water meeting in Aandhimul, and there was no sense of urgency within the community, and Mon, Jolana, Hari and I decided after much discussion that the community needed to not only have a water committee, but set up their own community group (local NGO), and we guide, support and train where necessary to give them confidence to take power in their community. The hardest thing of course, is if they really want this, and only time will tell.

So again we met with some village members and they agreed and said they would start such a group, and both Mon and Hari explained the importance of such a group. You can see a meeting outside one of the villagers home in the above pictures, here they agreed on the members and signed inside a book that they wished to be part of it. However, this was only the start. To register a local NGO isn’t an easy process, our research has shown, so just starting is going to tricky and I’m sure it won’t be quick.


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