Days in Damauli

Jolana had met Mon and teacher Kissan in Damauli, the capital of the Tanahun district where both Bandipur and Aandhimul lye. It is here where all the local goverment offices can be found, and where for the past few weeks Mon and some of the new NGO members have been trying to register the group. I have been made aware by Jolana that today they have finally been accepted and they are now registered, yeah!

But that is only the start, there’s so much more work to be done, but the first hurdle has been jumped.

I have been made aware by Jolana that Mon is going to write up a more detailed account of the past few weeks and send it to me. Once I recieve it, then I will update this blog entry.

Also, Jolana sent some general images of daily life in Damauli a large town in Nepal, as you can see above.


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