Health Awareness Programme

By Jolana Whyte – Project Event Organiser & Volunteer

The Aandhimul project organised a day visit to Aandhimul with 20 nurses from the Balkumari College in Narayangarh, Chitwan who have been on 1-month community stay in Bandipur.

The day was fixed for 06.06.2009 started at 12pm. The programme was delivered as an informal drama, yet covered 12 very important subjects:

  1. ANC – antenatal care
  2. Treatment of Diarrhoea – teaching how to use rehydration solutions.
  3. Safe drinking water to avoid water born diseases
  4. Drug abuse focused on cigarettes and alcohol
  5. Family planning – methods
  6. Education- focused on sending children to school – especially girls
  7. Early marriage
  8. STD – especially focused on HIV – message of that even HIV person can still have a successful role in society and that we should Love them rather than hate them.
  9. Immunisation for child
  10. Post natal care – the importance of breast feeding, nutrition’s – teaching how to make Sasbotum Pito – Nepal dish of rice, maze and soybeans given to babies after 6 month.
  11. Sanitation – covering personal hygiene
  12. Recycling – using compost for kitchen waste, collection and recycle of plastic bottles, using bins rather than throwing rubbish.

A Jeep was booked with 1 microphone, no other provisions for bad weather – I took a small wooden Ganesh (in Hindu religion one of the Gods- the removal of obstacles) with me – present from Lee, as I felt the anticipation of the day growing! (Last night we had the worst downpour yet!)

We literately had to squeeze ourselves in, but the positive mood of all nurses and their songs soon lifted any worries from my mind. We arrived with slight delay, but managed the walk around the canal in very hot weather – still the girls were eager to start soon!

We used local resources from our school and created a simple stage. We just needed the villagers to turn up and soon inquisitive children showed up. We used the mic and school bell to hurry up the crowed. This is the first time such a programme has been offered in Aandhimul, so villagers took their time as tried to smarten up. After a few announcements, with only a slight delay we started at 12:30.

The programme was very successful and we even got the little ones seated for 45 minutes. I was so pleased to see how much everyone enjoyed themselves – no need for translation here when smiles and laughter are on display. Afterwards we sung and danced in Nepali style! Mon Bhujel, Jay Bahadur Bhujel and Bhuwan Bhujel Bharat and President of our Local NGO made tea and brought biscuits – well needed refreshment! Thank you!

We finished with a visit to the Aandhimul temple and walk to Setrose. Returning to Bandipur yet again with songs we were welcomed at the Old Inn for a late and well deserved Khadja (snacks/lunch).

I’d like to thank all 20 nurses and their teacher Srijana Khabiwada, also Ram and staff of Old Inn for donating food, Bigram Pia for donating the microphone. Also big thanks to Rupa, Mon’s wife, for donating time and giving a creative workshop to our teachers, and also to all who came from Bandipur and Aandhimul… This felt like 25 hours in a day, but well spent!

To follow up, we have also offered free health check ups and transport to Bandipur hospital for all villagers. More of this in the next blog!!!


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