Picnic day

Spending more time in Bandipur and seeing how Bhagi Maya spends most of her days with daily chores I suggested a picnic. I wanted to offer some fun and break from the day to day duties and children got very excited of the prospect of drinking Fanta! I planned to walk to Aandhimul but in mid June it is so hot and humid and I underestimated the word Picnic – which does not mean cakes and sandwiches.

Picnic in Nepal means removing most of your kitchen utensils, bringing food, water and cooking, rice , meat, dhal on an open fire. There are several activities as it takes very long to cook the meal – playing, dancing, singing exploring and running all followed by the long awaited dinner of pilau, vegetables, meat and soft drinks. The top 3 houses joined and 3 of the mothers helped to make this delicious food while I was running around with 10 children and playing “stuck in the mud”!

We had much fun and although it still took a lot of effort to make this happen we all enjoyed this day of fun and good food. All took place on top of the hill with the view of Tanimai, Bandipur!


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