Time to breath

The last 2 or 3 weeks have been very hectic here in Nepal and I just managed to escape to Pokhora to send some pictures and updates. Both Mon and me have been working hard to achieve as much as possible, which in Nepal is very difficult. We face strikes, hot weather, poor health from time to time – all coming unexpectedly. I’m finding great support in our base in Bandipur and also from Lee’s, Lou’s and Angela’s e-mails. It all feels that we finally are making some headway though and seeing progress give us extra energy.

I also feel that soon I will leave and this time it will be much harder – I got attached to the ┬ávillagers and feel like part of family now. Comming to Pokhora gives a little distance and good cup of coffee and comfortable bed feels like heaven to me. We all need space to breath and I hope both Mon and me will find that space.

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