Full day of Football

It was a long planned trip between GVI voluenteer Saskia – and Jolana who wanted to introduce students from Bandipur to Aandhimul and get children to be children – in a game of football.

We decided to walk and selected older children – we would only go if it was not raining as the monsoon now makes any trip very dangerous. We had a window of good weather, and although Saskia got ill and could not join us – the Old inn staff and few tourists joined me and now group of 14 childern from Bandipur. We had rain and sunshine, tired legs but still were keen to play.

Most children here play barefoot – sharing very sweaty tops. They are incredibly fit and skilled though. Football is taken seriously here, and everyone plays for the win! Aandhimul itself does not have a football ground – we played in the nearest village Satrose.

Donations by few tourists: Ruben, Rafael who also got to play and Ram from Old inn meant that we were able to provide food for 30 childern and hire a jeep the way back as all of us were exhausted. THANK YOU!

First match – Bandipur won and Second match – mix team of Andhi Khola, Aandhimul and Satrose!

Let’s hope we can do a re-match soon! The kids are keen to practice more now!

The Aandhimul Project donated a wining price – a football and a pump!


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