Children Leaving School

Aandhimul School children getting awards for passing their 3rd year of school, to now go to a middle school at least 40 minutes walk from the village. Where we all hope they continue their education as long as possible.

Meeting in School

There was a big meeting organised by Jolana and Mon for the community to again discuss the issues in the village, in particular water to the school. As many of you may know, and issue with been trying to deal with for the past year and a half. Slowly but surely the villagers are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Great work by Jolana, Mon and some other keen villagers, have been ensuring that this issue will still be pushed and time put onto it. So again, we will update as and when we have any progress. And of course, we thank all of you those who have supported and donated to the water, school and all projects. It means so much to all of us! Thank you!

Solar Panel

Jolana found a company who was willing to give a solar panel, 100% discount. This solar panel should be powerful enough for 3-4 hours of light for a few of the classrooms, and maybe some time using a tape/cd player. Great work Jolana! Will keep you updated on it’s progress/use.

Building School Kitchen

The villagers, alongside Mon and Jolana have started to build a small kitchen so that the children’s lunch, subsidised by the project, can be cooked safely and stored properly. Up until now they have been either cooking outside or eaten non-cooked foods (snacks). Jolana & Mon have been doing great work to try and source local produce and with our support, buy as much as needed to give the children healthier lunches. An update on the kitchen’s progress will come in the future.