Living The Nepali Way

The photos above give you a great idea of what life is like living for the average Nepali person. Jolana has been living with a Nepali family during her whole stay there this time. It really helps to understand how they live, their culture & language, the food and of course helps build a great relationship with the local people. It is an amazing experience that if anyone gets such an opportunity they should take it, it will never be forgotten. 🙂

School Furniture & Kitchen

This is a follow up to the last post, showing some of the villagers helping take the furniture up to the school. Much needed furniture.

Also, you can see above that they have finished making the kitchen room alongside one of the classrooms. This is great, now they a dedicated place to cook nutritious food for all the children. We’re sure this will help concentration levels, and all round make the children healthier and happier.