Planting in School

Jolana picked some plants from a local person in Bandipur – the plant name is the “12 O’clock” plant, and has beautiful purple flowers. She then arrived to a sanitation day going on in the school, and has taken many of these plants to give to the children in Aandhimul. The children were very excited to get planting them around the school grounds!

She had also received a plant from Tony Jones, the owner of the Old Inn Hotel in Bandipur, and from a Nepali friend Peepal Chautari. Who both said they will also give some more plants to the school! Thank You! Dhanyabad!

In the words of Jolana, “Time for HOPE – I hope – that we can create more harmony in this village form which much goodness may grow. That is my Wish!”. And with all the hard work everyone’s putting in, we’re sure that wish can come true 🙂

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