School Update

Things are progressing well. The kitchen now has a gas cooker, so the children can finally eat a hot, nutritious soup made up from many cereals and pulses. As seen above, it may not look so appetising, but I’ve been assured it tastes okay, and more importantly the children eat it.

You can also see some of the classroom activities, making use of the extra furniture and resources provided by the project. It’s so important to keep working hard with the teachers and the parents, something the project continues to work on, as the history between the two is not very good, there has been a lot of mistrust of the years. Both sides to blame, but with the project’s influence we have seen that relationship got better, but there is still work to do.

We hope to continue working on building confidence for both parties, giving training for teachers, and awareness talks for parents.

Sadly, Jolana only has a short period of time left in Nepal, and is spending these last few weeks making sure all involved in the project are left feeling confident about the next 6 months before another project member goes and visits.

We will be updating you in the coming weeks of what happens in these concluding weeks, and also some of our future plans.

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