1st intake almost finished

Yesterday I got stuck in the kitchen making roti (bread) for the workers and to ensure that they will eat better than just the flat dry rice. I have been really feeling tired and the villagers started to worry about me, saying I’m too thin. I promised I will hike up to the source but I had a dodgy belly so skiped the morning dhal bhat and wondered if I can actually make it. Now we are entering into the hot months and walking up hill in the heat takes much energy.

I eventually got there via the dangerous route! My first climb up and for climbers a joy but for me a bit worrying slippy path hanging onto roots of trees, my body attached to the cliffs! I had two boys for saftey -no rope! It was fun getting the food to the workers and enjoying the super spicy veg we made and roti!

There is so much work to do still! We got some stones and today while I’m not there we should be carrying to the second intake and also burying more of the plastic tube.

It is amazing to see the earth covered – all farmers are egar to plant corn so we must be fast. There are some concerns about the ferocement, this new technology can be damaged with a single stone and we need to find a skilled person, who will probably charge at least 1000 NRP per day! It will take minimum of 2 weeks to build.

Ana Prasad will come on Monday and I would like to go to Ktm to prepare for the small art project my friend Christine will be heading.

Also, I had a little chat with some local women and they were teaching me some Bhujel words (for more info on the bhujel people please take a look at this site) – and have given baby clothes to Kisan so he can present them to the mothers ….hopefully this will get all the babys super clean! (the sanitation is improving!!!). Nursery have also planted some flowers I brought and now I’m in the Damouli shop changing my phone and again it is taking ages. Will see if I have better luck this time!

Joli x

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