Health check

The morning of 28th of March and Aandhimul got a visit from Bikram Piya, Rayaram Prajapati, Anil Pragapati from medical hall and doctor Shrhar Rayastha from Bandipur.
This one day health camp has been organized by Bikram Piya and Dr. Shehar has investigated 80 villagers.

Anil Pragapati has donated all the medicine from his medical shop in Dumre. This is the first time that I’ve seen so much interest, and all has been on a totally voluntarily basis – we only offered a simple Khadja.

Most of the issues are related to sanitation – another puzzle of this matrix and also poor diet. The traditional dhal bhaat is actually completely balanced food, but in this village most do not have money to buy vegetables or lentils.

The best thing for me was to hear how happy Dr Shehar and Anil Pragapati were after all examinations. Also the people who worked on the project were keen to get checked first as they told me – we have a work to do, we must go quickly.

I’ve also learn how to wash my hands correctly! Seems that the water will bring many solutions – with a bar of soap!

Jolana xxx

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