Robbeck Rocks ‘We’ve raised 860 Euros!’

This is the second year Robbeck Rocks given all profit to the Aandhimul Project. This year on 10th of September 860 Euros in total. This time Jolana joined the team. Together sold over 500l of beer, listened to 6 Rock bands, sold T-shirts, Veg Chili, Cakes and Bavarian sausages all made by volunteers. This festival is very local, the stage, bar and toilettes all hand build by The Robbeck Rocks core team ( who all work after their own working hours), materials which are found in the skips. They have no financial support from the town council or other companies. They just use what is around them and that is enough!!!  They only received the go ahead a week before the planned start and managed to provide amazing day full of good quality Rock music and good vibes till early morning hours. About 300 people enjoyed Robbeck Rocks in Velberg, Germany.

Amazing support from this little town, Robbeck Rocks and musicians. Aandhimul project say’s Thank YOU!!!

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