Growing vegetables!

Some wonderful news from Kishan, our young sponsored teacher, and student club leader from the village of Aandhimul. He has reported that some villagers have started to grow vegetables. And new varieties as well.

From our girl on the ground (not this instant, but hopefully again soon!), Jolana.
” This means that their diet will improve, and will provide more variety and for all those who have given me seeds in the past, even-though some varieties failed or we grew pickled cucumber -pickle or gherkins,  it has got them interested. They are growing potatoes which I have not shown them before, so this means they have had to put their own money in, and learn how to grow them. “
We just hope, like all good things, it will spread to other families. That they will also be inspired, and want to start growing veg. And with the Water Project completed in Aandhimul last year, it makes it easier to use water to help their veg grow.
Of course, we will keep you updated when the next news comes in!
The Aandhimul Project team