An account from Christina

From a volunteer with the Aandhimul project, Christina Levanas

“It’s two years already that I met the highly motivated Jolana Whyte from the Aandhimul Project in Nepal. I was impressed by her tireless dedication to the welfare of the village and felt like wanting to give a little part from my side as well. So last year, with a big backpack full of material, I went to see her in Aandhimul and we held a several-days textile-workshop with the kids in their school as they had holidays at that time. Although many children have to help at home, they showed up in big number. And it was amazing to see, how open to learn and how focused in work this “gang of hellions” was. The pictures might give an impression of their concentration and the fun we had.

It also was a great moment to be present when the month-long water project came to a successful end: water flow! Watch the faces of the small girls – no more words needed.

This year, due to a lack of time, I only was able to visited Aandhimul for some days. Great to see the teachers and kids again and to notice water-tanks in front of the small houses.

I fell in love with the big open smile of three-year-old girl Suku from a big basket-weaver family. Unfortunately as a baby she had a big fire-accident which deformed her right leg so that she had (in this extremly hilly area) to “walk” – quite fast- on one foot and her right knee. Something had to be done! With the spontaneous help of a generous, commited friend ,we managed to bring her to medical specialists and her surgery is scheduled for early July – I´m very happy!

So this years highlight for me is definitely that the Aandhimul Project gave hope and better future prospects to two smart young Nepali girls: lovely Krishala, suffering from a brain tumor, who already had her operation and sweet Suku with her burned leg.

The kids are the future!”

Christina is also coming back to Hitchin and supporting Jolana and the Aandhimul project in a charity stall on the now quite famous festival called ‘Rhythms of the World‘ on 14th and 15th July this year, 2012.

I will be happy to see you there and by purchasing a few of Christina’s designs and collections you will also make a direct impact on the welfare of the Aandhimul village. Our donation page for the Rhythms of the World can be found here


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