Jolana in Aandhimul – second update

I held a meeting with Devarj from Shiva Charity Рthis was a really bright and uplifting meeting Рso far the plan is for Shiva Charity to come and visit the Aandhimul school. I have exchanged contact details with headmaster so the timing can be agreed and final exams are not disturbed. The plan is to ask also other teachers from near by  schools to come and get trained together Рthis is not only making it worth while for people to come here and travel and stay for 2 days in Yampa or Aandhimul, but also to bring teachers from near by schools together and bring more unity to this area. The costs may come up to 25 000 NRP Рa quote from Pokhora training but based on staying in hotels and eating out and buying resources.

We may choose to buy our own resources for the schools from the local stationaries from Dumre or Damouli. I think it is important to invest in this as we can also get independent feedback on the situation in schools. Padham, the Aandhimul school headteacher agreed with me.

There is also a community school meeting in 9 days – independent of my influence. To discuss these things and other things further.

We would be hoping that Shiva may be able to provide us with a project manager – but the only potential person lives in Pokhora (2-3 hours away) and is very busy. The 3 people from Ktm would not have time to come and visit regularly. Which is a shame as they come across very positive.

I am also meeting with a few other NGOs who show interest in having a project manager from them to help the project. Though often they are based in Pokhara or Kathmandu and just the travel expenses make them an expensive choice. HE have also mentioned that they may be able to provide someone, which could work as they have a base in Bandipur.

Final news. The villagers are contacting army police to get permission to build a road – to enable the transport of bamboo easier from their village down to the main road that leads to Pokhara, Kathmandu or Southern Nepal. An important trade route. I have not said that we will be giving any donation for this but we are definitely considering some support. We will keep you updated.


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