Suku’s progress

Suku has reached 6 years old, and is now a little girl who can stand and walks towards us – something quite unimaginable only a year ago. Her whole world has changed and also her family’s.

She has spent almost 2 and half months in Pokhora hospital, supported by employees from Himalayan Encounters (HE) last year. Finally adopted by Kamal and moved to live in Bandipur – an up and coming touristic jewel.

She has been enrolled in Setograss – and will start from the Nepali New Year – April 2013. This is a well run montessori, private nursery which prepares children for the very well known and respected Notra Dame school.

Her school fees and living costs will be supported by Niraj from HE’s brother and Christina Levanas. It was thanks to her pictures she took last year and the support from HE, that has led to this fruitful development.

Suku is also supported by many in Bandipur – the manager of Old Inn, Ramsaran is teaching hygiene basics.

Sadly her own family is not supporting her and they have sold land and their house in Aandhimul  and are now living close to the main road. One of her older sisters has possibility got work in the Old Inn Bandipur. But after 3 days training she left and returned back to her family.

On our visit we did notice a wound and demanded that she gets to the local hospital for treatment – it took a great encouragement, but she got checked and was given creams to treat the wound and pills to fight the infection, created by pressure in the protease leg. Christina has also noticed her lack of clothes, so she has bought her some new clothes and I will take them to Bandipur tomorrow. 30th March 2013, this time not only giving clothes to her but also to her new siblings.

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