Visit to hospital & Goodbye Nepal

My final day in Nepal and in Kathmandu with Bikram, Kumar (the school caretaker) and Manoj (11 year old boy from the village) to the hospital – Till Ganga. We were lucky to get in, thanks to the connection with Bikram Piya as only 250 patience get seen per day, and they queue from 4 a.m. to get a ticket, still it took about 3 hours until we got back without food!

Kumar is going to be seen by specialist on 30th of April – only after consoltation with a specialist. He will then get to know if surgery is possible to save his sight. (He suffers from corneal disease).

Manoj is going to be seen on 23rd April by 2 doctors also same issue like Kumar (corneal disease) and a pediatric specialist. He has a scar in his eye, so it is impossible to improve his vision. Also he has came too late so one of the eyes has divination, ( lazy eye etc …) so again after this meeting they can find out what can be done. He is staying with Jay Bahadur Bhujel (his dad) in hotel for 2 nights at Kalanki and Bikram will take him on Tuesday morning.

My time here as passed again so quickly, and I will miss Nepal but cannot wait to return again. Hope you enjoy the pictures in the slideshow above.



We have a Project Manager – Jolana’s final update

We’re happy to announce that we have a project manager. Bikram Piya from Bandipur will be taking on the part-time role as of now. The priority at first is to build a relationship with the community and gain trust. And from there we can start to look further, in particular our focus is still on the school, and improving the level for both children and teachers. We will update you in the coming months as to how things are progressing.

The Feel:
Yesterday, I took a slow walk with Andy ( German supporter for Aandhimul and one who paid for brain operation of Christila from Yampa area)  to the Aandhimul village from Bandipur, stopping on a way to see the water intake, the one Frank and Andy helped with.

We stopped in various places, noticed the work of rotary club for irrigation, pipes lying on a ground, and learning that the water comes only in the monsoon times, but there are no collection tanks yet build. The 20,000 USD rotary project has run out of the funds to complete it, but really there is not much to complete. I see poor work that will last probably only 2 years. Shows me that working with specific NGO’s like Choice has been such a right choice.

The highlights so far:
The road in Aandhimul is completed, I heard it took 7 days. Pipes are repaired and drinking water is again running through all the taps. People are extremely excited and happy. The cost was so far 1.43 lacks NR, 19000 loan is still to be paid, and still they need to put stones – but plan to do that after monsoons. The work is done really well though. Jeeps, mini buses can now connect from Yampa to the Fishpond, where many celebrations are taking place. One of the richer person from Yampa ( Rabindra)  has already build a shop – right next to the road and bought a land to build a house making a strong competition to the only shop by Ram Krishna Bhujel.

The locals will also collect money to pay for a trip full of bamboos. They will work together and this could be the start of the cooperative… More in the future on this one.

In the school, most of the young students have passed. There are some failures, one of the teachers claiming that some of the students are watching too much TV, rather than concentrating on learning.

15 nanglos has been ordered for export to Spain, by a company that I collaborate with in

The School has been cleaned and looks better – but lots of repairs are required. Kumar, the caretaker, has worked hard and has told some of the villagers that they must respect the school grounds.

Pampha, one of our funded teachers, went to Setograss Nursery in Bandipur for a teacher training programme on 16-17th April – she has made all arrangements herself and the headteacher Padham has allowed her to go, even though next years school admissions begins on the 18th April ( the 4th day of the Nepali New Year 2070). Which is really good for her and support from Padham.

Not so good:
Kumar yesterday asked me to take him to the hospital to check his eye (in Kathmandu). His eye is not very good, and the medicalcosts may be expensive. Also, Hari, a very skilled worker (the one who build the ferocement tank for our water project) is now in Malaysia trying to find higher paid work – and it has been reported that his job is not very good. A common example in Nepal of men wanting to leave to find better paid work outside Nepal, but often working in horrible and difficult jobs, still not paid so well. We do hope it is not too bad for him.

In progress:
Here in Bandipur – a new NGO has been created – the 16th April was the date of completion. The day after they will open account and all will be audited on annual basis by District administration office in Damouli to renew the NGO . The name is “Bandipur Rural Development Council”. They will be focusing on School and Health. Its main objectives are:

  • Increase quality of Education schools surrounding Bandipur
  • Increase health awareness among the people
  • Help them generate incomes

They will also go to Kathmandu to make a link with the Social Welfare Council.

Parts of the funding for this NGO will go towards helping schools including Aandhimul, which is great to hear.

Potential support with water:
Thumka village asked for help for extra pipe 1.6km costing from 1-2000Euro, (putting 32 mm pipe and keep the existing (instead of 50mm, reducing cost) – increasing the water flow for the growing village of 500 people). They are very organised, they were able to give me detailed quotes and prices and if we can find an engineer we may decide to help this community.

It would give a bigger support for the Aandhimul as well in the future. I asked them for own contribution, but have not discussed further details and explained there is no promise. They are willing to dig and work for free. All tools are still with the Aandhimul people which they could potentially hire out.

We will keep you updated.


The road and the community – Jolana’s third update

The road is now completed, self funded by locals and self build! Hurray! We initial said we wouldn’t give any funding as they had damaged the water pipes and until they were fixed we wouldn’t support them.

However, they have done such a great job and the pipes have been repaired – and now drinking water flows from all taps again. And in just 7 days they now have a road to hugely improve times for transporting of their bamboo products. And access in general. This shows when a community really wants to do something, they can!

Happy to walk in Aandhimul yesterday! And I’ve added some lovely pictures of the community in and around Aandhimul.


Shiva Teacher Training

This training started very early, from 8am. The Shiva charity trainers were Deveraj Pariyar, Bijendra Pariyar and Pujan Paharajan. The schools which joined on the day were the Aandhimul School, Yampa, and later Kalchouk and Thumka schools joined.

The Training lasted 1 and half hours – presenting teaching materials from Shiva charity. Teaching a fun way of doing maths and also craft making mobiles and memory games.

The Aandhimul village has presented teachers with welcome nanglo – donated by community and the headmaster welcomed the teachers for dhal baat (typical Nepali meal) in his house as a school contribution.

The Aandhimul project would like to thank very much all the Shiva charity members for a wonderful day of traning.