Shiva Teacher Training

This training started very early, from 8am. The Shiva charity trainers were Deveraj Pariyar, Bijendra Pariyar and Pujan Paharajan. The schools which joined on the day were the Aandhimul School, Yampa, and later Kalchouk and Thumka schools joined.

The Training lasted 1 and half hours – presenting teaching materials from Shiva charity. Teaching a fun way of doing maths and also craft making mobiles and memory games.

The Aandhimul village has presented teachers with welcome nanglo – donated by community and the headmaster welcomed the teachers for dhal baat (typical Nepali meal) in his house as a school contribution.

The Aandhimul project would like to thank very much all the Shiva charity members for a wonderful day of traning.

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