More Teacher Training (In Bandipur)

Our new project manager is now 2 months into the job and most importantly beginning to become familiar with the community, in particular the school committee, teachers and children where our main focus currently is. He is using his experience to try and understand the needs of the school and how the project can benefit the school with the main focus on the children’s learning and welfare.

As always, one of the keys to enhancing the children’s learning is through the teachers and their teaching style, approach and hopefully passion. Thus, we are continually looking for teacher training opportunities and Bikram recently took two of the school teachers, Pampha and Kamala Gurung to a teacher training session in the Seto Guran nursery in Bandipur run by the Sister’s from Notre Dame School giving positive feedback. We happily see this as another step forward for the school and are very excited for future training sessions.

Bikram, along with the School Committee has also been buying new materials and resources to support their teaching and the children’s learning.