Updates from Aandhimul

Our new project manager Bikram Piya has been busy with the school and community. Last week he bought some instructional materials for the school. The materials includes a madal (traditional Nepali drum) and some sports equipment.

Also, last sunday Bikram and the school committee organised a free health camp in school. There were 2 doctors from Bandipur Hospital and ten MBBS students (future doctors) from Kathmandu. They examined 55 people and distributed free medicine to them. Two of them were found to have hydrocele and one of them they found a hernia who needed an operation which is only possible in Pokhara or Chitwan.

Next week they are organising a micro health project with the help of the MBBS students in the village. This will be about how to wash hands properly and how to prepare ors that is used when someone is dehydrated. They are also checking the purity of the drinking water in the community. And after organising the health camp they have decided to train one female from the Aandhimul community as a community health volunteer. She will be going to Bandipur Hospital for the training.

Bikram and the community continue to discuss and communicate about what is best for the children and regularly involve the parents and hold meetings.