Hello Aandhimul!

After visiting the furniture shop, Bikram and me rode on a bus to Aandhi Khola and then walked up into the village. As it is the holiday season the school was closed but the teachers so nicely agreed to come and meet us at the school.


It was a typical beautifully, sunny Autumn day and because we had only just left the rainy season, every where was so green and lush. It was great to see. Once arriving at the school I was greeted by the teachers and welcomed with a mala and some tika put on my forehead (see image below).


The two school buildings had recently been painted blue which definitely made them stand out, and the memories from my last visit came flooding back. There were many more resources in the school buildings thanks to all the teacher training workshops Bikram had been organising and the project’s money supplying to fund these resources. I also noticed the water tank, guttering and the solar panel that were new to me apart from seeing them in pictures. They were part of Jolana and the villager’s great work of improvements over the past few years.


After some discussions and updates we decided to arrange a meeting with some of the villagers the following day to plan about potential project support for health and nanglo cooperatives in the community. I was looking forward to staying in the village that night.

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