Elections are over

The elections in Nepal are over and things are getting back into the normal swing of things. How much of an affect the new Democratic party will positively influence the country we do not know. But I think people are happy that it went without too much disruption.

Of course during this time the school in Aandhimul was closed, but our project manager was happy to continue visiting the school once it was back up and running.

His activities recently have been to make sure resources and materials are available and top them up when necessary. These are simple things that we take for granted in developed countries. Things like glue and cellotape.

Also, at the end of November Bikram hired a tractor and driver to transport the materials including cupboard, water tank, hand washing basin and chairs provided by the Rotary Club of Patan West to both the Aandhimul school and Thumka school, next to Aandhimul.

Members of the community then helped installing these new items, which included getting the new toilet up and running, which it hadn’t been as it was waiting for the much needed basin.

Bikram also alongside the Rotary club of Patan West, decided to run 2 days of teacher training for primary and early years teachers on education philosophy and classroom management. This is to be held in Bandipur.