One teacher going another coming

Our youngest teacher Kishan who has been teaching in the school since we started our project in Aandhimul, has decided to leave to study at college in Kathmandu. We respect this choice he has made and lucky for us it has been requested by the school committee and our project manager that we replace him with his wife Sarita.

His wife Sarita herself has a high level of education and has shown enthusiasm to take over where Kishan left off. And it is pleasing to hear that it has already been planned to involve her in some upcoming teacher training.

Another ┬ápositive news coming from the community is that there was a meeting of Village Education Committee, in the district goverment offices, to distribute a literacy class quota and Aandhimul was included. This means that those adults whose literacy level is very low can get some free training to improve their reading and writing. It is a part of the government’s programme to improve the literacy levels in the country.

In conjunction with this there will be a national literacy conference held at the 5th Bandipur Festival on April 11th to 15th. And Bikram, who has been appointed Secretary of the festival, will hope to bring some Aandhimul community members to display their Nanglo (bamboo rice shakers) and other bamboo made products on a stall to show others their skills and promote them. And there will be no cost for them to display on a stall.

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