Shati Griha Nepal teacher training

On the 30th March a training team from Shati Griha Nepal came to follow up on the work they did last year with the school.

2014-04---Teacher-training-01 2014-04---Teacher-training-02 2014-04---Teacher-training-03

Separate to this, Kamala and Gita both took part in some training held in Bandipur on 23rd on the subject of ‘Capacity building and classroom environment’.

2014-04---Teacher-training-Bandipur-01 2014-04---Teacher-training-Bandipur-02

And also planned in the coming week is a two day training course supported by the Rotary Club of Aberdeen, Scotland and Patan West, Nepal. The subject of this training is ‘Child psychology, Classroom management and Hands-on activities’.

In the recent school committee meeting a report of child attendance was as follows. 18 in nursery, 13 in class one, 7 in class two and 6 in class three. Which is an encouraging improvement from earlier in the school year.

2014-04---School-committee-meeting-01 2014-04---School-committee-meeting-02

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