Improvements at school

An account from our project manager in his own words.

When you give chance to work in Aandhimul Project one improvement what I see teachers are regular in thier duty. So that this year there are more students are admitted than last year, and ther are getting trainings. In this they will get 4 teacher trainings. I have divided responsibity among teachers. Sarita’s responsibity is to encourage kids to come to school. Kamala has to manage for khaja. Gita Pandey, government teacher, has to manage educational materials. Pampha has to keep kids clean and looks after our kitchen utensils.

In the Bhujel community I found 3 people Resham, Bharat and Jaya Bahadur are more cooperative. They help me a lot. Bharat is taking responsibility to make one new room. I have given him some money to start the work. He has collect some bamboo. Kids are getting khaja regularly. This time i bought 20 bowls and 20 glass because some of this things were missed and not enough for our kids.” Bikram Piya – Aandhimul Project’s Project Manager

2014-05_Bharat-with-bamboo-for-new-room 2014-05_Kamala-and-new-cups-and-bowls 2014-05_Kamala-and-some-children-in-a-classroom 2014-05_Kumar-the-caretaker 2014-05_Pampha-in-the-nursery 2014-05_Some-school-teachers 2014-05_Teachers-making-new-resources

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