School life in June

Bikram is visiting the school regularly. In his last visit there were 38 students in attendance at school. All the teachers were present. They have almost finished making the extra bamboo classroom. Kamala is continuing to prepare the khaja for the children. Kumar the caretaker is doing his work honestly. Bikram has also bought some new school materials for this month.

All other teachers, Pampha, Sarita and Gita are teaching honestly and well. Bikram does also mention that the community and in particular the children, are becoming so familiar with his presence that each and every child knows him and they say “Namaste” when he visits the school, which makes him very happy.

There are lots of nice photos this post 🙂

2014-06_Kamala in classroom 2014-06_Children eating khaja 2014-06_Children eating khaja 2 2014-06_Kamala serving khaja 2014-06_Kumar preparing khaja 2014-06_Padam and some educational books 2014-06_Sarita teaching 2014-06_Pampha in nursery 2014-06_Pampha in nursery 2 2014-06_Pampha in nursery 3 2014-06_Outdoor teaching space 2014-06_In classroom 2014-06_In classroom 2

New school year update

Classes in school are going well as of this new school year, which began in May. Most of the teachers including government teachers are regular in their attendance. Students punctuation is also quite good. Out of 44 students, 38 are regular in school. The one government teacher, Gita is working honestly, and she is kind to the children, and is putting her training into practice regularly.

Kamala has been performing her duty incredibly well. She has given responsibility to arrange khaja (school lunch) for the children. You can see her preparing the khaja in the photos below.


The photos below also show Bharat, a village and school committee member, who is making the new room from bamboo, which has been supported by our project managers own NGO which he has been running for many years. And to inform, if you do not already know, he only works for our project 2 days a week.