School’s reopened after summer break

The school opened on 3 August after summer vacation. From the 3 August there was a two day teacher training course in Bandipur, jointly organised by the Rotary Club of Aberdeen, Scotland and the Rotary Club of Patan West Nepal.

The training was focused on the following topics:

a) developmental stages (0-12 years)
b) three stages of questions
c) writing patterns
d) phonetic skills (a-z)
e) physical education
f) thematic approach
g) making big book
h) book based activities
i) spelling routine
j) beat the time (chart)
k) geometrical shapes and patterns
l) thermometer reading
m) human bingo
n) estimation menu
o) multiplication chart
p) finding direction
q) making rain gauge
r) read aloud
s) poem

In this training project teachers Pampha, Sarita and Kamala took part. On Wednesday 6 August our project manager Bikram Piya from Bandipur went to the Aandhimul school and asked them to show what they had learned from the training. All of them demonstrated what they had learned well.

You can see photos of the training and buying educational material for the school in Dumre below.

On this current visit Bikram noted that they there were 34 children currently attending in school and that the head teacher was in school due to his sickness.

Teacher Pampha on the teacher training Teacher Sarita with materials she made from the teacher training Teachers Kamala and Sarita in the teacher training Teacher Pampha with school children Teacher Kamala in the nursery with the children Teacher Kamala in the nursery with the children 2 Bikram writing up report visit 2 members of the Aandhimul School committee Bharat and Resham