Angela: I’m going back to Nepal!

It’s been nearly 3 years since I set foot in the beautiful village of Aandhiimul. In just a week’s time I’ll be walking that hilly road back into the school. I’m really excited now – I can’t wait to see the changes in the school, meet the 2 new teachers and wash my hands under the taps we helped install.

On this visit I’ll be accompanied by my daughter Hannah and her partner Jack. They are both engineers and have worked on aid projects in India giving them some understanding of the work we are doing in Aandhimul. They appreciate the complexity and the importance of giving everyone in the village a voice in the development process.

Joli is also coming to Aandhimul this time so I have the extra joy of spending time with this wonderful woman.
Christmas will be interesting – there are very few plans in place – which really is the best way to be in Nepal – we’ll just work it out as we go. I must remember to buy chocolates today to take for Christmas lunch along with a decoration to put on a tree that we will make somewhere.

So, 6 days to go and lots to do. I’ll keep blogging while I’m away so we’ll talk again soon

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