Village Litter and Sanitation Program

During Angela and Joli’s recent visit to Aandhimul and following some community meetings about possible projects; the idea for a litter and sanitation program was developed.

2015-01-26 Litter programme 1

The Objective: To improve the cleanliness and sanitation of Aandhimul village and the community

Program Description: The litter program is the first stage of improving the overall sanitation and cleanliness of Aandhimul village.  The program will involve supplying each household in Aandhimul with a rubbish bin and employing an environmental officer to collect these bins along with rubbish in public areas of the village.  The rubbish will be sorted and taken to an appropriate location.  The school will also participate through weekly rubbish collections and inclusion of environmental issues in the school curriculum.

This program will require involvement from the school management, students and community as well as a dedicated ‘Environment Officer’. A sanitation program focussing on toilets and hygiene will then be implemented throughout the village.

2015-01-26 Litter programme 2

4 few weeks into this initiative and the community have really pushed things forward. Villagers have prepared 58 bamboo dustbins. The project contributed to the cost of making these paying at the rate of NRS 200 per bamboo dustbin. Bikram, our project manager, and committee members distributed these dustbins to all households on 28th January. Also on that day, Ran Bahadur Bhujel from the village, was appointed as litter officer.

2015-01-26 Litter programme 4

You can see that already rubbish has started to be collected. Updates to follow.

2015-01-26 Litter programme 5

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