Earthquake Update 1

Update 1

Our Project manager Bikram has visited the village yesterday and taken some photographs of the village and the damage. You can see below some of the damaged houses.

damaged house 1
damaged house 3
damaged house 2

We want to thank Sarba Shakti from Saving and Credit Cooperative, Chitwan, Nepal who has distributed 7 plastic tents in village on 1 May. This has allowed some villagers erect tents nearer their homes and away from the school grounds.

village temporary shelter 2


We were also informed that yesterday Tanahun Chamber of Commerece and Industry, Dumre Unit, has distributed some food stuffs in the village.

Luckily the village school only suffered minor damage, as seen in the photo below.

minor damage to school

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The Aandhimul Project Team. Angela, Jolana, Lou, and Lee.

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