Earthquake Update 2

First, thank you to all those who have so far donated to our appeal. We appreciate very much your generosity.

We have another update from Bikram about the damaged properties in the village of Aandhimul. We have been made aware now that 6 (originally 5) properties will need significant repairs/rebuilds. We have images for five, and their owners, listed below:

1. Shankhaman Bhujel’s house – some of the worst damage as seen below

damaged house 1

2. Dhanrash Bhujel’s house

Dhanrash house


3. Hari Chandra Bhujel’s house

Hari Chandra house

4. Gyan Bahadur Bhujel’s house

Gyan Bahadur house

5. Jaya Bahadur Bhujel’s house

Jaya Bahadur house

6. Lal Maya Bhujel’s house – we do not have an image for his house as this was only recently added to the list.

We have also been informed that the cost of repair will be in the region of between 20,000–25,000 rupees (approx. £128–160 or AUD$248–310). The majority of the costs will cover labour and materials, though most of the stones used to build the houses will be reused.

Between Australia and the UK we have already raised enough money to cover these repairs. So we are now in discussion about where best to pass on the surplus funds. We will update you when we have any further news.

Thank you. The Aandhimul Project team.


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