Earthquake update 3

Thank you to all those who have donated to help the village of Aandhimul. We have now sent across 150,000RS to cover the rebuilding of 6 houses (25,000RS per house).

Dhanraj Bhujel's house
Dhan Raj Bhujel’s house part demolished
Gyan Bahadur's house part demolished
Gyan Bahadur’s house part demolished

Villagers Dhan Raj Bhujel and Gyan Bahadur Bhujel have started to demolish their houses for rebuilding. Due to lack of manpower they are doing this work turn by turn. Soon the other 4 families will start to demolish their houses. They are doing rebuilding work in morning and earning work in the day time. Bikram has told them that they will get money on an instalment basis on the condition they must finish rebuilding. When they finish the demolish work Bikram will pay 5000RS will then pay according to work progressed.

Bikram, our project manager (in the picture below), will keep us updated over the coming weeks and months. And we are in discussions as to where to help other areas who need it the most, and who have genuine projects that we feel safe to support. We will also update you on this soon!

bikram at shankhaman house

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