The new school year has now begun

The school is now back and operational only one week later than originally planned. Of course, being disrupted by the earthquake, but as the area around the village was not damaged too badly, and water is still running, the school could begin its first week back.

Bikram visited the school twice last week. It is nice to welcome the new government teacher Rexsona, seen below working with children from Class 1.


The attendance was quite low in the first week back, which could be a mix of the recent activities or the start of the new school year. We have asked for more clarification on the reasons why. But we are just happy to see the school in working order, and the children learning again.

Sarita teaching Class 3
Kamala teaching class 4


You can also see below, Kumar (school caretaker), fixing the partition in the new bamboo classrooms being used by class 3 and 4.


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