School lunch (khaja) and materials

For records and transparency purposes our project manager Bikram collects all the receipts for the school khaja (lunch) from Kamala, a project teacher, and for the school materials, Rameshowr, the Headteacher.

With the increase in children the project will now be paying NRS 6000.00 for khaja and NRS 6000.00 for materials per month, an increase of NRS 2000.00 for both.

And last week Bikram held a meeting with the teachers and discussed about the distribution of the khaja. Due to the increase in student numbers, and lack of space and utensil, it is not possible to provide khaja to all the students at the same time. So they have decided to provide khaja for Nursery and Class 1 students in first lot, and Classes 2–4 in the second lot.

2015-06-06 – meeting with female teachers

Below is a picture of Kamala writing down a new recipe for making a super flour, a more nutritious meal that the children will be eating for their lunch.

2015-06-06 – kamala making note how to prepare super flour

Children from Class 2 learning
Children from Class 2 learning

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