Educational tour in Kathmandu and school update

As mentioned in the previous post, the teachers had a 3 day educational tour planned in Kathmandu. So on 21 July our 4 teachers Pampha, Kamala, sarita and Gita, plus 13 teachers of another project visited Kathmandu on a teacher educational tour. They visited Kaasthamandap Vidhalaya of Ela Piya, a teacher trainer, one public school and one Montessori school run by Dr. Bina Gurung. They spent 3 days and 2 nights in Kathmandu. It was a very fruitful trip for the teachers. All the expenses were covered by the Rotary clubs involved. Thank you!

Dr. Bina Gurung with our teachers in Montessori Gita in Kasthamandap schoolkamala in Kaasthamandap school sarita at Kaasthamandap schoolsarita at dinner in Ela Piya's house in Kathmandu

Back to the Aandhimul school, it reopened from 26 July after the summer holidays. On that day all the teachers were present but due to the first day after the holidays there were only 50 percent students present. Bikram has paid for the school to have one daily newspaper for one year and one monthly magazine named TEACHER.

teachers on the first day after summer vacationpampha in Kaasthamandap school

Bikram, along with Kumar, the caretaker, took the new furniture to the school ready for the new term.

Kumar onloadind school furniture  new furniture in class 3 (2) new furniture in class 3 new furniture in class one

Except Lalimaya Bhujel, other people have finished the rebuilding work on their houses

progess of lal maya's house rebuilding progress of Dhanraj and Shankhaman's house

It is maize/corn dry harvesting season and the villagers, children included, were very busy taking off the dried kernels ready to be ground into flour or feed for their animals.

it is the time of maize harvesting in village

One village family enjoying running their family business of breeding and selling chickens.

Mrs. Ramkrishna in her poultry firm

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