School visit and update on rebuilding work

student playing

Bikram visited the school and village yesterday. All the teachers were present and there were the following students present in school:
Nursery : 17
Class 1 : 12
Class 2 : 11
Class 3 : 9
Class 4 : 17
TOTAL : 66 students

students collecting litter students washing hand after collecting litter

On that day teacher Nirmal (new government teacher) and Sarita took class 3 and 4 students to collect litter of the public place nearby the school during break time. The Headteacher and Bikram discussed about the upcoming half yearly exam. Except compulsory Nepali and social studies, students have to attend exam in English medium. This is the resource centre level exam. The topic of discussion was to prepare students for the exam.


Headteacher and me (2)

The students seem happy in school. When Bikram reached the school on this visit he saw Sarita was drawing a picture on the white board in Class 2, she was teaching art.

sarita teaching Art

Bikram mentioned that if we give a different khaja it will increase the cost. We hope to find some extra funds to do this.

kamal's house sita's house

Kamal’s house rebuilding work is almost finish. Only fixing doors and windows have been left. Sita’s house rebuilding work is in progress, you can see it in the photos. Hira is fixing roof and until now Bikram has given Krishna Bhujel NRS 25,000.00, Hira Bhujel NRS 20,000.00, Kamal Bhujel NRS 20,000.00 and Sita Bhujel 15,000.00.

Teacher training will be run by the Rotary Club of West Patan on December 29 and 30. Our teachers will be attending.

krishna's toilet under construct

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